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HR Services (Staffing/Hiring)

We bridge the gap in HR Services (staffing/Hiring), filling the constant talent needs to meet the workforce needs of organizations through their entire life-cycles and across their hierarchy spectrum – ensuring that every position is provided for, with the right fit for skill and will. We identify the best talents to work for you in highly professional and organized establishments pan India through our services that include:


India shows promising uptrends in terms of job growth, and, organizations across industries are on a hiring spree. We absolutely understand the value and significance of you finding the right talents at the right times. For all your lateral requirements, we get you the advantage by bringing forth talents with a double-edged approach, focusing both on your experience needs as well as expertise needs.


Lateral hiring adds to the skillset and the level of expertise in a field that will prove more valuable for your company in a positive way. Given the intensity and enormity of demand for such employees, talented and skilled professionals have to be literally conjured out. These are much sought-after people, which even your competitors are looking for! Add to this the challenge where the candidates are familiar with work environments, appraisal scale, adaptability, attrition and vitality in value addition. Hence, they expect more from the forthcoming offer. Few of the common challenges that prove to be deal-breakers for these employees even before considering interviewing with the employer include an unclear job description and improper communication on the roles and responsibilities.

To overcome these bottlenecks in hiring lateral talent, we ensure:
– Connecting the prospective candidates to their expectations in terms of roles and requirements
– Highlighting the culture, work environment and perks to make them more familiar and comfortable with your company
– Accentuate the employee attributes in your company

Today, marketing is the In-thing in Recruitment. We market your job requisitions using the leading Social Media Platforms. This indirectly also helps you build a brand persona. This passive search in executive recruitment process requires expertise and a strong network, to hunt the right resource for you. Apart from Social Media, our experienced Passive job Search Team, garners candidates through its exclusive network of Referrals as well. We are adept at hunting passive candidates and making use of our rich network to acquire the right resource. Our experience gives us leverage over our competitors. 

In all, with your association with us, we help you hire candidates who strike the perfect balance between meeting the job’s requirements and complementing your company’s ethos. Be it for your niche positions or the more traditional requirements, we help you find the best talent in the shortest possible time. Our extensive experience in Lateral Hiring ensures you get the right fit to help you realize both your short-term business goals as well as your long-term business vision.


For businesses belonging to industries prone to high levels of staff turnover and a limited talent pool, more often than not volume hire requirements add multifold to the internal recruitment payload with the lingering possibility of not always getting the caliber of staff you need. This is where we can bring in the most effective solution to the equation between volumes, quality and time. Our Volume Hiring Services are customizable, scalable and flexible to assist with all or some of your hiring steps of screening, interviewing, job offer, background check, and, onboarding – catering to all types of industries.

Today, when the shift is seen more towards the employment market being driven with candidates in the driver’s seat, research indicates top talent is available for an average no longer than a fortnight. Which means time lost screening candidates who do not fit the bill, means in the meantime, losing potent candidates to the competition who could have made your final cut. Our customized candidate screening and talent assessment methodologies ensure that your hiring managers gets a shot at the best before they are grabbed on by anyone else.

We deliver on volume hiring needs, by a three-fold targeting of the requirements – in terms of knowledge, aptitude and attitude for the role – providing you with the best that is available out there in the market. Along with the right fit, we also ensure that your volume requirements are managed with impressive turnarounds, aided by our top-quality sourcing which ensures first-touch conversions of candidates for their roles. With this approach, we stand proficient catering to all your staffing requirements – anywhere in the country.

Our volume hiring division can easily partner with organisations of all sizes and deliver best-fit talent across industries. We function as an extension of your HR organization to handle the recruitment needs of your business. You can leverage our experience of working across geographies and industries to streamline recruitment process outsourcing solutions that contribute to improved productivity and performance. With a conscious effort to understand the job market, we extensively identify and filter candidates to pick the best fit for you. Our teams have the expertise and the bandwidth to research the community, industry and position along with maintaining a record of relationships with previous clients – together both helping create pipelines that run perennially to have you covered for all your volume needs.



With the onset of the start-up era, a booming economy, and more entrepreneurs stealing the limelight – it is no surprise that India Inc is on a hiring spree, and how.! And inadvertently – triggering an exponential growth in the needs of temporary staffing requirements. Infosoft has found itself in the thick of all of this action – supporting this new direction with its extensive experience in temporary staffing and recruitment solutions. Irrespective of the kind of personnel you’re looking for, or the duration, we can bring the right talents to you. When the need is for people for a short duration, a limited project, or to your seasonal staffing requirements, we can help you with our flexible temporary staffing solutions with the following primary prospects:

Temporary Workforce: Add staff when you need it with flexibility to meet your market demands.
Temporary Until Hired: Ensure that employees are a good fit for your organization before making final hiring decisions.
On-site Representation: Our on-site implants provide you with the resources, talent, and expertise to ensure optimal performance of your large-scale temporary workforce throughout your company.
Payroll services: Temporary employees who will stay on our rolls, eliminating the administrative burden associated with payroll deductions, insurance, workers’ compensation, and more.

Our professional consultants are adept at helping employers find solutions to their temporary staffing requirements in their preferred location. Our end to end solutions in the temporary staffing realm includes the following:


We have successfully supported businesses of varied industries and sizes with our strong payroll management systems. Our dynamic technology platforms offer data management, automation, and, simple user interface that minimizes the costs and time associated with payroll processes. If you want the flexibility of an agile, on-demand workforce, we have tailor made solutions for you with our Payroll services highlighted by:

  • Temporary employees who will stay on our rolls
  • Standard contractual procedures that we will handle
  • Payroll and personnel administration
  • Statutory compliance, remittance of statutory payments, and other related administration

Our payroll services will save you time and money while mitigating risk and ensuring compliance. We help you remove redundant data entry procedures, diminish paperwork while saving time and cutting costs. Our payroll professionals become your payroll department, handling your payroll from starting to end.


What makes CXO Executive hiring unique from other hiring processes is the level of in-depth understanding of client requirements, industry trends and expertise in interacting with industry veterans that is expected from a recruiting partner. Our core Hiring Team, comprised of domain experts in Talent Acquisition, actively studies and researches client requirements to ensure that only candidates with the right fit and strategic mindset are sourced at the C-Suite level. Our recruiters have years of experience in hiring the best, which beyond getting the best of CxOs, also gives you leaders for your ‘Power positions’ who are capable to take your business to the next level.

Our focus is on ensuring the alignment between client and executive expectations so that we provide a channel of communication to diligently work towards the same. While we understand the immense significance of your executive team in conceptualizing your mission, we strive to deliver to you the best fits of skill and will for your executive search. We cover your recruitment needs, through the Leadership and Executive spectrum, ensuring that every position is provided for. The Methodology for CXO & Executive Search, which we will undertake, is as outlined below:

We leverage our deep-rooted and wide-spread industry networks, head-hunt expertise and internal research resources to identify the right talents. To continuously keep building on the best talent strategies, we constantly keep abreast of all the latest and most important trends – in and across industries, and continually innovate our services to keep that competitive edge sharp. With our CxO and Executive Search, we ensure the best outcomes by targeting every potential candidate, not just those actively seeking roles, resulting in the best fits ensuring your business sail is in the right hands.

Our structured search process ensures that we have multiple levels of Validation to enable a higher success rate. Seamless networking, time proven search strategies and broad industry experience has given us the competitive edge to recruit top class executive teams in record time, to the complete satisfaction of our clients. 

We have a dedicated team of senior consultants who have rich experience in various domains, wide network of contacts with executives, and can understand the business and deliver solutions with utmost proficiency. Through our CxO and Executive Search services, we have helped companies build superior leadership teams at board and top management level positions for large and mid-size companies. Trust is at the heart of our long-lasting client relationships, built on a record of proven results. A significant number of our engagements are with clients with whom we have had longstanding partnerships to build leadership teams. Our client relationships range from large conglomerates to medium sized corporations.

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